Advertising on Bus Shelter in Lalbagh Road, Bengaluru

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Bus Shelter Advertising in Bangalore,Lalbagh Road

Bus Shelter Advertising in Bangalore helps in catching attention of both strider and vehicular traffic. Bus shelter advertisement is another form of outdoor advertisement in Bangalore where the travelers can easily catch a glimpse of you what your company does. Here, you need to choose the bus stops where you want to put your advertisement ensuring that you can track the target audience promoting your brand. The passengers would come across to your advertisement everyday and they may feel to connect learning the details of the services you offer. Kwikadd happy to say that we provide advertising solutions for Bus Shelter Advertising in Bangalore.

Shelters are the places where the consumers wait and they would have a look at the ad featuring interesting facts. These are stationary ad spaces and you can choose the bus shelters located in the busy areas. It helps you to catch more viewers knowing about your brand. Today the bus stops come up with neat looking spaces where you can easily display your ad and ensure that your ad shows the highest level of creativity.

If you are seeking immediate exposure to the target market then bus shelter advertising is the best option for you. Nowadays, the shelters feature illuminated advertising panels and thus you can feature your ad in your way.

Fixing the specifications

First, you need to fix the specifications that help you to get the real-time benefits of bus shelter advertisement. The things you need to fix are-

  • Banner length, which you can choose according to your budget.
  • Next, you have to choose the banner material, which usually comes up as polyester.
  • Finally, you choose the ad duration and you can consult with the expert getting suggestions.

Once you set all these features you can display the advertisement in your way. Bus stop advertising requires good creativity and it’s always important to come up with exclusive designs that would catch attention of the passengers who are boarding vehicles.

Why opt for bus shelter advertising?

 Here are mentioned the reasons to choose bus shelter advertising as a way to promote your brand-

  • Bus stops are distributed throughout the city and you can easily choose the one that meets your requirement.
  • These bus stop ads provide a continuous visibility to pedestrians as well as people inside vehicles.
  • They help you to target a niche audience that aids you to generate genuine leads enhancing your business revenue.

Choosing the bus stops

It’s time to choose the bus stops ensuring that you select the locations where you would get maximum viewers. You must get a clear view of the shape like rectangular, square etc. and thus you can make the right choice. As you start designing the ad you must turn out with suitable color combinations that match the concept of your business. It’s good to apply a combination of light and dark shades highlighting certain points. Also, you can add pictures along with the messages that inspire users to learn exactly what the company offers. In this way, you can comprehend how bus stop advertisement helps your brand to get more viewers.

Hence, you can contact the media advertising agencies comprehending how bus shelter advertising helps you to promote your brand in Bangalore.

Execution Process

Step 1: Email the below details table to

Location                         : Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune/Kolkota etc.

Number of Units          : 1/ 2/ 3 / 4

Campaign Duration     :1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months

Campaign Start Date  :2nd Jan/ 16th Feb/ 21th March

Step 2: We will check the ad space availability and prevailing discount at the time of booking.

Step 3: Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.

How do I know my ad has been placed?

Images of the Ad on the display van will be shared within 1 days of mounting.

The Kwikadd – Bus Shelter Advertising Agency in India

The Kwikadd has a wide variety of outdoor advertising options listed at the best rates. One can find the media option suitable to the requirements on The Kwikadd website by using the filters like geography, size and media type and check the various details like rates, reference image and position. You can also contact The Kwikadd by sending a mail to and be assured of the best outdoor advertising rates and hassle-free execution.

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