Radio Advertising in Bangalore

Price : 190 130/Per Second

Language: Hindi

Station: Red FM

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Radio Advertising in Bangalore

Advertisers can place their ads in Red FM 93.5, a key player in the Hindi music space. Advertisements through Red FM in Delhi lets advertisers reach out to Hindi music listeners. With significant market share in Delhi, Red FM 93.5 is one of the top stations to advertise in. Starting Rate Card for Red FM Advertising in Delhi is Rs. 1200. RJ Raunac is one amongst the most popular RJ's in Delhi. Morning No. 1 and Drama Queens are the top two show for Red FM Branding in Delhi. Placing creative ads in Red FM gives your brand a comprehensive and efficient coverage across Delhi to deliver high level of cost-effective response.

Red FM was launched in 2002. By Advertising in Red FM you can reach out to over 40 million listeners across 48 cities in India. 

Red FM also offers advertisers a number of other distinctive opportunities to reach their target audiences through live concerts, social media platform and more. You can write to us to know more about customized services by Red FM.


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