Cinema Advertising in Bangalore

Price : 950 646/Per Second

Cinema Chain: PVR

Mall Name: Forum Mall

Screen Type: Multiplex

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Cinema Hall Advertising in Bangalore

Kwikadd happy to say that we provide advertising solutions for Cinema Advertising in Bangalore. Cinema or film advertisement is another interesting way to promote your brand. It involves light, sound, motion and timeliness on a big screen and viewers would never miss what you say. The audio-visual medium has several standards and you can choose an ordinary slide presentation to film screening depending on your budget. Every person irrespective of age, sex, profession loves to see screen presentation, as they come up with a nice visual appeal with a real-life touch.

Now, you need to shoot the whole ad distributing to different cinema halls where they would display inspiring viewers to know what your brand offers. Film makers organize the entire shoot and they come up with different concepts promoting your brand with ultimate creativity. It’s the most advanced form of digital advertisement and also it comes up with a better visibility to the viewers. They love to explore the story line and thus you can now get more viewers showing interest to your brand.

Knowing the Cost

Before you opt for cinema hall advertising in Bangalore you need to know the cost that helps you to handle the things in the right way. Thus, you need to consult with the advertising agencies that help you to get the quotation and thus you can choose the feasible options.

How an ad shooting is conducted?

An ad shooting involves the following features:

  • Hiring models who would perform
  • Hiring cameraman who would be responsible to capture the video
  • Next, you need to get an editor who edits the ad making it a perfect one.

Finally, you have to find a studio to carry out all the editing works coming up with the final version. Overall, cinema hall advertising in Bangalore is becoming popular and it helps you to maximize the visibility of your ad.

Why choose cinema hall advertisement?

Now, you need to know why you should choose cinema hall advertisement. The reasons are like:

  • It turns out with a deep impact on the viewers because of the big screen and the nice pictures presented with a fusion of light, sound and other effects.
  • Presently, the capacity of a cinema hall ranges between 1000-300 and thus it helps in managing a mass publicity. You can show your ad to thousands of people visiting the hall.
  • The concept cinema hall advertisement reaches to every person irrespective of literacy and they come to know about the products you are offering. It thus helps your brand to get genuine buyers that make it easy to enhance the overall business.

Once you comprehend the benefits you can easily choose the halls where you want to display the ad and thus you can start the promotion campaign exploring the desired results. Presently, cinema hall advertisement works the best in the rural areas where viewers prefer to learn about the new products a reputed brand offers. It’s thus important to choose the locations of cinema halls and accordingly you would get the results that help you to manage a better business.

Execution Process

Step 1: Email the below details table to

Location                     : Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune/Kolkota etc.

Number of Units         : 1/ 2/ 3 / 4

Campaign Duration    :1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months

Campaign Start Date  :2nd Jan/ 16th Feb/ 21th March

Step 2: We will check the ad space availability and prevailing discount at the time of booking.

Step 3: Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.

How do I know my ad has been placed?

Images of the Ad on the display van will be shared within 1 days of mounting.

The Kwikadd – Cinema Advertising Agency in India

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