Shopping Mall Advertising in Bangalore

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Knowing How Mall Advertising in Bangalore Helps your Business to Grow

Kwikadd happy to say that we provide advertising solutions for Shopping Mall Advertising in Bangalore. Nowadays, shopping malls are the most favorite ‘go to’ places for people living in urban areas. So, mall advertising in Bangalore is becoming popular and it helps you to promote your brand to all people visiting the mall. First, you need to create a nice advertisement, which would be displayed and make sure that it has the contact details helping viewers to reach you without any difficulty.

Benefits of Mall Advertising in Bangalore

Now, here are mentioned the benefits of mall advertising, which are like:

  • When a person visits a mall he/she may not visit the store but the advertisements never get unnoticed as they are placed in areas where everyone can notice. It’s always important to create attractive banners that would catch attention of visitors and thus you can explore potential buyers generating more revenue.
  • Mall advertisements are placed in common areas and thus it comes up with higher visibility ensuring that you get more viewers showing interest to your brand. It gives you better conversion rates and you can now comprehend the benefits in real-time.
  • Shopping mall advertisements helps in hyperlocal marketing and if you have a store in the surrounding area you can get the best results with more consumers visiting your store. Hence, mall advertising comes up with all positive aspects that help you to enhance the business opportunities.
  • The advertisements placed in the shopping malls can be customized according to the taste and buying preferences of consumers in the specific region. This is another good form of hyperlocal marketing through shopping mall advertisement.

Overall, you get a clear idea of how you would be benefitted and now you can turn out with all exclusive advertisement patterns promoting your brand. In this regards, you need to consult with an expert designer who helps you to frame nice designs that make viewers feel good.

Where to put the advertisement?

Now, you have to put the advertisement in the right place ensuring that viewers can easily notice them. The places can be like:

  • Escalators or elevators can be an ideal place, as people have to use them to visit different floors in the mall. So, none of the advertisements would get unnoticed and you can now get familiar with all positive aspects.
  • Shopping malls have the large doors and windows with advertisements and usually people view them to know what they offer. It gives your brand the maximum visibility and also you can spread awareness for your brand. These advertisements stay at an eye level and thus people never miss them.

There are other forms of advertisements too like digital displays, experimental advertising etc and you need to choose a suitable format displaying your ad in a nice way. Hence, mall advertising in Bangalore brings in all optimistic facets and you can explore the best results fulfilling your specifications. Simply, you have to choose the suitable option and you can start promoting your brand. You can now give your business a new start with more consumers enhancing the revenue in real-time.

Execution Process

Step 1: Email the below details table to

Location                     : Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune/Kolkota etc.

Number of Units         : 1/ 2/ 3 / 4

Campaign Duration    :1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months

Campaign Start Date  :2nd Jan/ 16th Feb/ 21th March

Step 2: We will check the ad space availability and prevailing discount at the time of booking.

Step 3: Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.

How do I know my ad has been placed?

Images of the Ad on the display van will be shared within 1 days of mounting.

The Kwikadd – Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in India

The Kwikadd has a wide variety of outdoor advertising options listed at the best rates. One can find the media option suitable to the requirements on The Kwikadd website by using the filters like geography, size and media type and check the various details like rates, reference image and position. You can also contact The Kwikadd by sending a mail to and be assured of the best outdoor advertising rates and hassle-free execution.

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