Advertising on Bus Shelter in Bandra, Mumbai

Price : 85000 79000/Per Month
Lighting Type: Back Light
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Size Details:

Top Panel 

Top  Side 

Top  Side 

Middle Panel


W 25 X 4 H

W 7 X 4 H

W 7 X 4 H

W 15 X 4 H W

W 5 X 10 H (2 No)


 Bus Shelter in Bandra, Mumbai

Marathahalli is an eastern suburb of Mumbai city in Karnataka state of India.Following the IT (Information Technology) boom, its close proximity to HAL Airport, Whitefield, Sarjapur Road and Electronic City and the presence of the Outer Ring Road, this area has boomed into a self-sufficient township. There are a large number of cloth stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and other shops in this area which retail products.A large number of flats and IT companies have also come up in the area. Some important shopping centers are Kalmandir, Nalli, Max Fashion, Puma, The first multiplex in Mumbai, Innovative Multiplex is located here.

About Bus Shelter Advertising

Strategically located along busy streets in major metropolitan cities, Bus Shelters provide excellent exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Shelters give consumers something to look at while they’re waiting for the bus, making them particularly effective for advertising point-of-purchase and directional information.
  Stationary ad space located along busy bus routes.
  Provides eye-level visibility to pedestrians and vehicular traffic in major cities.
  Targets specific audiences and reaches areas that other out-of-home advertising can’t go.
  Effective medium for point-of-purchase, ethnic or geographic marketing.

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