About KwikAdd

KwikAdd.com is online platform that connects media buyers, media agencies & media sellers to create a truly global marketplace for outdoor advertising. Our platform and solutions make OOH media processes much simpler and easier. In the distance of a click anyone can access to all the info about advertising spaces (billboards, bus shelters, indoor signage, walls capes and others) and if they want, buy them.

KwikAdd is the leading Online Outdoor Advertising Marketplace specializing in both traditional and digital Out-of-Home media. We offer one-click nationwide booking of various outdoor advert options provided by our numerous operators.

Our web and mobile platform helps advertisers track, analyze and measure Return-on-Investment (ROI) on their outdoor campaigns. We also help brands to discover new outdoor advert options via our geo-mapping feature whilst taking your business directly to your target audience.

We are located in the city of Bangalore, India although we have connections spread across various major cities in the country


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